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  • pit celtic lab front

    Endless Knot Alchemy Ring w/ Faceted Labradorite

    The Endless knot, or Eternal knot is one of the “Eight Auspicious Symbols” of Buddhism that moves us through Self Improvement from Self Growth.

    Pitango integrates in the carving of his creations, designs that are ancient and possess hidden alchemic symbols revealing man's quest fo the absolute.

    Labradorite is a stone of transformation and magic. It is said to clear, balance and protect the aura, as well as being an excellent stone for general protection. It is excellence for communication and being able to speak the truth.

    Enjoy this work of art as your signature ring.

  • Pitango copper dragon ring

    Pitango Copper Alchemy Smiling Dragon Ring

    Through the Smiling Dragons we learn to reach deep into life's source where good and bad coexist in harmony in their journey to total wisdom. Size 7
  • arnica oil,
  • standard harmony generator
    Harmony Generator This Standard Harmony Generator has a sphere of influence of 8-10 miles.  This sphere of influence is the same for the person who does not know who they are, who does not know they are a powerful multidimensional creator, yet when a person who stands in their Being-ness holds the sphere, they are projecting the frequency and vibration of love fully into the larger sphere of influence around them, amplifying and synergizing with the Harmony Sphere. A personal favorite for the home or office.  
    • Healing and Clearing
    • Helps release programs and beliefs.
    • Works well w/ sound healing.
    • Connects with the Soul and Soul's aspects.
    • Raises Vibration.
  • pain in neck
  • turquoise colored crystal singing bowl G tone Throat Chakra
    This beautiful quartz crystal singing bowl is an G tone resonating to the Throat Chakra.  It is 9" Diameter and Sustains vibration / sound for up to 2 1/2 minutes.
  • This beautiful quartz crystal singing bowl is an A tone resonating to the Third Eye Chakra
    This beautiful quartz crystal singing bowl is an A tone resonating to the Third Eye Chakra.  It is 8" Diameter.
  • Marti (1)martir-h
  • blue quartz
  • green calcite wire wrapped pendant
  • malachite
  • rainbow obsidian
  • ruby fuschite
  • Balance and Harmony Rings
    Out of Stock
    Balance and Harmony Rings
    • Cleanses distortion fields from around the body very quickly.  Lower vibrations chance fat into what they need be or they just evaporate.
    • Creates a stronger connection to your entire Entourage-all of those who walk with you in the Highest and Best for you--allowing you to become more fuly aware of your Entourage.
    • Aligns Time, Space and Dimensions and integrates past, present and future into a higher frequency.
    • Elementals of earth come through the ring to bring in remembering codes, unlike the codes from the sun, bringing you in touch with earth.
    • Has a strong connection to the Earth Elemental of Water
    • Balances the mind, body and the spirit.
    • Codes from the sun shine through the ring, coming through our sun from places such as the central sun, moving the earth into a whole new frequency. If not ready to accept these codes, they won't come through for you.  If you are ready, they will enter the Pineal and travel throuh to the heart.  There are matching codes within the heart that match those coming through the ring. When you are in harmony and balance, and the time is right, these codes activate what are strictly your gifts.
  • EMF Protection Cell Phone Tabs Vortex are efficient in remediating harmful radiation from your phone and other electronic devices,transmuting and balancing energies.

    The all new Vortex Cell Phone Protection Tab is an efficient and powerful EMF protector encased in a natural resin shell.

    This self-adhering phone tab has been found to be highly effective in remediating harmful radiation from your phone and other electronic devices.

    The vortex design, brought through in a specialized printing process, draws in and transmutes dense energy, much like the Tensor Rings.

    In the synergizing of the etheric vortex symbol, with the Balance and Harmony Ring, the two are transforming non-beneficial electromagnetics into a smooth, wonderful, and beneficial energy.

    The Vortex Tabs have a super-sticky rubberized backing which stays readily onto any Cell Phone, Smart Phone, Smart Meter, or other electronic device.

    Vortex Tabs can also be used anywhere you wish to transmute dense energies, raise vibrations, charge water, harmonize and balance energies, etc.

    In a recent biofeedback study, the Vortex Tabs were shown to make your cell phone beneficial to the physical body, as well as the energy bodies. It was shown to actually align chakras when using your cell phone!!!

    For those who are super sensitive to electronics, using a Vortex Tab allows them to freely use a cell phone again!

    Comparing the Vortex Cell Phone Tab to other EMF remediation products, the Vortex Tabs do more than just block harmful energies… They transform the energy into something beneficial and useful for the person on a physical, mental, and emotional level.

    1" Diameter
  • EMF Wifi Protection Ring transforms more than Wifi. It uses visible light and other electromagnetic spectrums as carrier waves for the frequencies of Unconditional Love.

    Wifi Ring

    Place anywhere on frequency emitting appliances Wifi Routers Laptops TVs Headphones Tape inside household fuse box Put over facet to restructure “stray voltage” in your water supply Carry in your pocket
    Simply place the Wifi Ring on the source of the nonbeneficial frequency, where it will automatically connect to and transform the frequency emitted.  If you do not have access to the source of the frequency, having the Wifi Ring anywhere in your field (as a pendant or in your pocket) will protect your field    
  • Life Stim Microcurrent Device Electromagnetic Frequencies
    This newly developed system, The "LifeStim", transmits 269+ of the best known Royal Rife, Bob Beck, John Crane, Hulda Clarks,,tumor, parasite Candida fungus Lyme and detox frequencies / harmonics etc directly to the two arteries in the wrist, for as long as you wish to wear it. The unit is an amazing addition for any Rife machine users, or detox parasite protocols, this unit allow the most effective frequencies we have used to be run 24/7 if so desired. It is also light weight , fully portable and rechargable.

    Life Stim

    Multiple frequency System

    269 plus Frequencies 2.5 kHz carrier frequency Light weight and compact, easy to use Fits snuggly on the wrist, and the contacts are wide enough to fit most wrist sizes Option for modulation On or Off Wrist cuffs No wires to tangle Fully rechargable batteries and charger

  • Microcurrent device MicroStimula Mark II is a precise calibrated electrical microcurrents device. Biological frequencies and waveforms stimulate and revitalize cell production.
    Microstimula MKII microcurrents device What could a microcurrents device to for me? To understand what Influenza, Rheumatoid arthritis, sleep disturbance, fever, food poisoning, Hepatitis C, Cholesterol control, Leukemia, Epilepsy, MS, Stress reduction, Radiation and Chemo-therapy recovery and Parkinson's disease have in common, you have to look at the cellular level. All cells, diseased, injured, and unhealthy experience a disruption in the way they metabolize. It follows, that if you could find a way to activate normal cellular metabolism, the diseased, injured and unhealthy cells could then become healthy again. We are convinced the Microstimula MKII does just that. Alternative Medicine by means of Electromagnetic Therapy. Neuropathy Treatment which promotes wellness and healing  
  • The Sublte Energy Scanner may help you alleviate stress overloads on the body, build vitality and reserve energy, relieve stress & anxiety & reduce pain.
    The use of this tool is often included in our healing sessions.  Informational fields may also be transferred from one or more substance to one or more items or people upon request.  Remedies and/or crystals my be customized to the client. One may also choose to schedule a private meditation using this scanner to balance informational fields.
    • Scanning alleviates stress overloads on the body.
    • Builds general vitality and reserve energy
    • Relieves stress and anxiety
    • Antidote immune challenges
    • Promotes and sustains natural healing
    • Reduces pain and inflammation
    • Revitalizes energy handling system
    • Works toward balancing the body's self-regulating mechanism
    • Supports natural detoxification of the body at a safe and gentle rate
    • Creates customized isopathic restorative structures from subtle energy fields.
  • The Smart Meter Protection Ring fits snugly over any Smart Meter housing, transforming all electrical emissions throughout an entire electrical circuit in the home.

    Meter Ring

    The Meter Ring fits over any Smart Meter housing, or even simply inside the fuse panel, to transform all electrical emissions in the home. Raises the vibration of the house, which raises the vibrations of the occupants. Cleaning, clearing, and creating healing space. Meter Ring works troughout an entire electrical circuit, as well as back up out the distribution line.  And even raises the frequency and vibration of the food in your refrigerator, one of our homes biggest ElectroMagnetic Field (EMF) emitters.  Tensor Rings alone cannot accomplish such a tall order, yet Tensor Fields are the carrier wave for higher frequencies to be anchored into the precisely measured twisted coper hoops. It is the energetics of the Balance and Harmony Rings, Gaia and the Earth Elementals, and the frequncies and properties of Unconditional Love, which flow through the electrical wiring of the bilding...enveloping all in a transformative, healing, loving, energy - making home feel like Home. We have found that Smart Meters are standard sized, allowing the 6 3/8" inside diameter ring to fit perfectly over the clear plastic housing.  Can be used on any size of buiding which usese a standard electric meter.  Once weathered, a patina will set in on the copper, making it nearly invisible. With the recent development of the Wifi Ring, and its connection to the Meter Ring, the Meter Rings can now connect to the entire electrical system through the fuse panel.
  • activator

    The Activator, from our Atlantian heritage, has been newly reconstructed with technology used in the creation of our planet, forming a new and powerful multidimensional device.

    The fire elemental is at the base of this activator.  See the GDV Photo Imaging video.
  • The Torsion Torus, multidimensional tool, is a facilitator of knowledge and wisdom, cleaning and clearing, and connecting. Allows more information in.

    Torsion Torus


    Torsion Torus

    Introducing the Torsion Torus, a facilitator of knowledge and wisdom, cleaning and clearing, and connecting.

    The Torsion Torus creates a flow of energy, known as a tube torus. At the center of the Torsion Torus is a black hole.  Within this central space is a no time zone.  Brings everything together.

    It is a multidimensional tool, in that it is works with more than just the human… Twelve petals of the Torus = twelve Soul Aspects including the Human.

    Bringing all of You into a one-ness. Knowledge and information of the Soul’s aspects into you. Each of these 12 lives have information, the Torsion Torus helps to consolidate that information to you, the one who holds the physical tool.

    As you hold it, it brings the knowledge of all that you are into this space.  Helps greatly to facilitate that connection.  When connecting with the Torsion Torus, its field nests within your own tube torus.

    Knowledge, wisdom, cleaning, and clearing… cleaning and clearing for more information to come in.

  • laura-cards
    Would you like to hear gentle, uplifting messages from your angels? $30 for 30 minutes or $15 for 15 minutes Call Spirals: 509-682-2383 Email: Laura Healing Touch, Vibrational HealingLight WithinBelly DancingGentle YogaFlowing YogaChair ExerciseCardio/Weight Class
  • light-life-variety-450

    This quick over-view will give you the opportunity to explore and experience: Rings ~ Coils ~ Feedback ~ Loops ~ Lotus / Seed of Life ~ Harmonizers

    $10 / person with 3 minimum

    Call Spirals: 509-682- 2383