Product Description

Light-Life® Rings

Light-Life® rings are made from strands of conductive metals precisely measured to the ancient measurement of the cubit. This measurement was used by ancient peoples to construct megalithic structures such as the pyramids. In a ring, the positively charged end of the metal strand is silver-soldered to the negatively charged end, bringing the wire to a neutral state. The ring creates a vortex of energy, a wavelength of invisible light that shines out both sides. The particular wavelength created by these rings generates an energy field conducive to strength and construction and is beneficial to life. The rings are also antennae for gravity field energies, drawing in power from the universe. According to Hans Becker, these rings “may be the simplest, most efficient source of energy there is- gathering it and condensing it from space.”
People using these rings have reported substantial decreases in pain, increased comfort in the joints, relaxation of stiff muscles, a decrease in swelling and tension, and an increase in overall physical and emotional healing and well-being. These rings may also protect from EMFs. Waves that come in contact with the ring can be transformed to a more beneficial wavelength. The rings have been reported to promote the growth of plants and to be sought after by pets. They can also improve the taste of water and impart it with detoxifying effects. The rings increase the available energy of water and decrease the acidity, surface tension and freezing point. The light-field emitted by the ring can also relax cell membranes for better oxygen transport and waste removal.
The rings are available in the sacred cubit, lost, and new empowerment cubit measurements. The sacred tends to work on the physical plane, the lost works on the spiritual / emotional plane, and the new empowerment cubit works more on the mental plane.  A variety of sizes are also available, for use on the arms, neck or waist, or for placement on walls, under mattresses, or various other areas. Other Light-Life products include pendants, rings, and more fun energy tools.

1 ½ Sacred Cubit Ring Plain Copper 3 Beads; ~ 10 inches in diameter.
It seems to be useful for healing sessions, household uses that need a larger area of concentration like a bowl of fruit, placed on a chair, around a larger water container, over the neck or other body parts in need, around larger faucets, for healing sessions. The main thing to remember is that the area of the tensor is expanded when the diameter of the ring is larger.

The copper’s natural tendency to oxidize with age gradually boosts the power of the ring. Copper is the best material for outdoor use. Although it may corrode, this will not affect the function of the ring.

The Sacred Cubit

Rings made in the Sacred Cubit length have a natural resonant frequency of 144MHz, which is a harmonic of light speed and a measurement of a wavelength in the standing gravity wave of the planet. According to mathemetician Hartmut Muller, This wavelength appears to be connected to the constructive phase of solid matter. The Sacred Cubit was used as a unit of measurement to construct the Great Pyramid, the longest surviving structure on the planet.

Sacred Cubit rings deal primarily with physical matter and are used to enhance the health and well being of the physical body.