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Ignite Your Changes – A Phone Energy Circle


We don’t often talk about it, but we’ve all experienced those times when we want our life to feel different. It might be new dreams or what we’ve always wished we could do. Maybe it’s what we know would make us feel better or perhaps we’re ready to explore our creativity and life purpose. Big or small, these desires feel like an itch in the middle of our back: persistent and out of reach. Hard work, determination, and best intentions don’t take us to those changes we want. I’ve tried that. Haven’t you?

You could say, we look at our life through a single window and our viewpoint feels like ‘that’s how it is’. When you’re having an energy journey with me, you will get to look out a completely different window to experience a new perspective that is insightful, empowering, and always encouraging.

I appreciate so much your awareness of energy shifts because I really do feel like I am all new!” CK

Wow – energy insights really do propel you forward from the inside-out. How remarkable.” MD

Love, Love Love our energy group!!!” LF

We’ll be connecting by phone so it won’t matter where you live.

We’ll be meeting for only an hour, once a week for three weeks so it fits into busy days.

Anything you want to change will be embraced, celebrated, and supported.

Jeanne ~ author of “Ignite Changes Using Energy”


Product Description

This energy circle is about connecting to:

– friends both close-by and across the country to share a different kind of experience with changes
– the power of using Quantum Thinking and releasing Old Thinking.
– your inner wisdom.
– making your desire a top priority and being supported.
– a new perspective and personal possibilities.
– the author of “Ignite Changes Using Energy”.

Here are the details:

1. You will invite 6-7 people to share this opportunity with you.

– Each person who joins your group will receive a free copy of “Ignite Changes Using Energy” with a personalized message from me.
– The cost is $60/person.
– There will be three 1-hour sessions, three weeks in a row.

– You’ll determine with your group the best day and hour giving me of few options, so we can find a perfect time for all of us.

2. This is what we’ll be doing during the 1 hour session.

– During the first 15 minutes of the hour, I will open with a short, guided energy. Then I’ll be telling participants how Quantum Thinking can ignite the change they want. I’ll be using a different ingredient of change for each session.
– During the next 30-40 minutes, each participant will have time with me to work personally with the change they are making. Other participants will be listening, allowing everyone to learn from each other’s experience.
– The hour will close with me adding information to the discussion that has unfolded during the session.

3. Participants are invited to follow up with questions or share their experience through emails, and I will respond.

To get more personal information, emails will be welcome during the 3 weeks. This will add to the power and possibilities to your experience.

4. This is the information you’ll need to get started.

Choose the people you think will create an engaged, interactive group.
– If it would help, I can email a sampling of the book’s ‘ingredients of change’ for those who are curious about Quantum Thinking.
– Notify me at jeanne@gotospirit.com  or call 509-393-2921 when you have 6-7 participants so I can get you on the calendar and make arrangements for payment.
– Once I’ve received the payment, I’ll send each participant their free copy of “Ignite Changes Using Energy”. I’ll also email them the call-in number they’ll be using for each session and ask them to decide on the personal change they want to make during our phone circle so they are ready to go when the first session begins. I’ll be suggesting ear phones and asking them to create a time of no interruptions during the sessions.

Call me or email if you have any question! Jeanne


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