Learning to Balance Family Emotions

//Learning to Balance Family Emotions
  • help your children: Build Self-Esteem Observe and manage their own emotions and responses Center, Relax and Focus How to feel their own energy.

Learning to Balance Family Emotions


Experience different energy techniques that will help you feel connected to those closest to you in a happier way.

$150 for three 1-hour sessions

First Session: Children
Second Session: Parent, Guardian, or Grandparents
Third Session: Children and Adults

Call Spirals: 509-682-2383.

Email us: spiralofjoy@msn.com


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Product Description

Without blame or shame, recognize how the energy of your thoughts and emotions affect your interactions within your family. Learn how the energy of words, thoughts, and body language can be guided to create different family dynamics.

Crystal will be sharing tools that will help every member feel empowered to balance their emotions. You will: build self-esteem, observe and change responses, learn how to feel centered, relaxed and focused, and feel energy.

The following energy tools will be used:

  • EFT

  • Sacred Geometry

  • Breathing

  • Sound Essence

  • Singing Bowls

  • Stones

  • Body Talk Access Balancing

  • Basic Energy Medicine



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