Product Description

Brazillian Blue Quartz Source

The Source design represents the beginning of creation.


(Chain not included)

 Blue Quartz crystal is a soothing, stress-relief stone. Like all quartz, it can be used as a power amplifier during magic. Blue quartz is especially fine as a peace or tranquility stone. Alternate names and name spellings include Dumortierite Quartz, sometimes called just Dumortierite. Blue quartz is a stone of order that can enhance organizational abilities, self-discipline, and orderliness. The enhancement is believed to be due to the effect it can have of balancing the throat chakra and enhancing communication between the lower chakras (physical) and higher chakras (mental/spiritual). Blue quartz brings the sense of order to all things, and releases fear, bringing courage into one’s life. It is also a boost for creativity and expression. Emotionally, blue quartz greatly reduces problems with scattered mind and disorganization, and brings mental clarity. It also helps one to see and accept reality, and react to it intelligently in one’s behalf. It can lift depression and replace it with peace and happiness. It also can help reduce stubbornness, particularly stubbornness that ultimately is bad for one. Physically, blue quartz can help with cooling the body, throat, thyroid, and parathyroid, detoxification, overstimulation, hyperactivity, spleen, endocrine system, and blood