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SCOLECITE (Astrological sign of Capricorn)


Scolecite crystallizes in the form of slender prismatic crystals, masses, fibers, radiated filaments, and nodules.  The colour is colourless to white.


This mineral can be used to open the network of information patterns to facilitate communication with other worlds, primarily the spiritual world; however, information has been obtained from ancient civilizations.  It is currently being utilized as a stone for extra-terrestrial communications.


It provides for thoughtful cultivation of associations and emanates an energy which expedites the creation of cohesiveness in relationships and organizations; it further the action of the “team spirit”.


Scolecite assists one in access to the basis of a problem, serving to support the transformation of the heart to love.  It further enables one to exhibit control of ones life, promoting the actualization of the preferred reality.


This mineral has been used in the treatment of intestinal disorders, spinal disalignment, and to expel parasites from the body.  It can also be used for the remediation of disorders related to the eyes, the cortex, and the lungs,.  It can be used to dissipate blood clots, to stimulate the clearing of arterial walls, and to enhance circulation.  It is also useful in the treatment of bruises and wounds.


Vibrates to the number 1.


The piece shown is $30, but we have several scolecite pieces in stock that are not listed online, starting around $5. Feel free to contact us for our current offerings, or browse our jewelry and stones for our online selection.