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Unwind + Explore

Unwind + Explore 2017 blossomed into a spirit-filled, empowering weekend! Laughter and hugs were abundant. Excitement filled the air. Answers were found.

And so, Spirals is joyfully committed to a 2nd annual retreat! Mark the last weekend of April 2018 on your calendar.

If you want to be first in line to receive the schedule of classes and personal sessions that we’ll be putting together, write Jeanne: unwindexplore@gmail.com.

Join us on Facebook. We’ll be posting updates as well as personal empowerment insights.

Watch Unwind + Explore on GoLakeChelan.tv.  Starting in June, Jeanne will be hosting a weekly, half-hour show that will reflect the feeling and possibilities of the yearly retreat. This show will be celebrating simple steps and small choices transforming our lives. Questions from people like you will be answered by both Jeanne and her guest. Bring a cup of tea and listen to some practical, use-it-right-now suggestions!

Our co-sponsors are awesome!
GoLakeChelan.com, Historic Downtown Chelan

Our Event Sponsors are much appreciated!

Lake Chelan Chamber of Commerce
Fox and Quail Cafe
Chelan House B&B
Sage Vacation Rentals
“Ignite Changes Using Energy”

We think the businesses that offered weekend specials are very special!

Quick Wok
Fox and Quail
Chelan House B&B
Deep Water Inn
Sage Vacation Rentals
Vacation Lake Chelan



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